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Welcome to Excellence in Measurement Technology.

Your Success is Our Business.™

EMT is proud to announce the win of our first government contract, a small business set-aside for CMMI V2.0 training and appraisal delivery! Learn more about the CMMI services we offer, including CMMI V2.0.

Looking for a way to improve your company’s performance, efficiency, profitability, and competitive edge? We can help. Excellence in Measurement Technology is a measurement analytics consultancy dedicated to helping our clients achieve the business outcomes that are best for them. Our professional and highly experienced consultants apply a range of methods, models and techniques to guide your staff to the effective implementation of successful measurable analysis and business solutions.

Excellence in Measurement Technology is a “one-stop shop” for all of your company’s product and service needs, providing comprehensive teaching, appraisal, and consultation services in order to implement your quality or process initiatives. Our capabilities include:

Your success is our business!



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